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Welcome to PlushieMakers!

Welcome to our Plushie-Makers! If your just visiting, looking to join or already member; below our some handy links to help you out!

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Want to join?

Follow the directions found here and dont forget to read the rules.
[Requirements For Joining]
Any blank join requests will be declined.

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General Rules

Dont know what folder to submit to? Find out here.

Special Links
:star: List of our members that take commissions and/or sell their plush. Looking to commission someone but dont know who to ask? Check our list!


:star: List of Etsy stores run by our members. Looking to buy some pre-made plushies? Here's a great place to start


Current Contests & Events

:star: Plush Pen Pal Exchange Program! Coming soon!

:star: Plushie-Makers' School for Beginners Coming soon!

Monthly Listings
Once or twice a month we post a listing of plush up for sale from our group members. We also include etsy stores, who has open commission slots, events from other groups, auctions and more.

:star: JULY 2014
:star: Next listing coming in August.

Looking for admin! Join the Plush Crew!

Plush Crew [Admin] Responsibilities:
:bulletblack: Help with the flow of submissions coming in.
:bulletblack: Accept or decline join requests.
:bulletblack: Keep folders organized.

Please make sure that you have read the most recent descriptions on our gallery folders and our group rules. Which I will link below. If you have any questions about being part of the Plush Crew please comment below.

[Folder Descriptions] + [Group Rules + Requirements For Joining]

To volunteer for Plush Crew please note the group with the following application. Just copy, paste and fill it in please.

dA name:
Any group admin experience:
+If so, please list groups:
What kind of plushies do you like to make:
How often you log into dA:

Gallery Folders

Thanks to all who submitted a listing! We had a great turn out! -We're still looking for more listings to add for the month August so there's still time to submit your listing, here.


How long you've been making plushies: Approx. 1 year
Art Critic/Beatnik Rarity Plush by equinepalette Filly Chrysalis Plush by equinepalette Fluttershy Plushie (Open Wing) by equinepalette
Information about price/general price range: I offer beanies starting at $30-$50 and "Full Sized" plushies starting around $150. All sizes available from 10" to Lifesize. Commission information:…
Additional Notes: I planned not to be open for long, but I don't have very many takers, so my commissions will likely stay open until I have to close.

How long you've been making plushies: around a year
Odd-Eye Husky Coin Purse by judithchen (Commission) Little Hamster Plush by judithchen Needle Felted Little Siobhan by judithchen
Information about price/general price range: 5-60 euros ($8-$80)
Optional - Additional notes: I made quite a wide range of stuffs, from regular fleece/minky/polyester plushies, hats, laptop/ipad sleeve, art dolls, needle felted plushies to clay miniatures (charms, dust plugs etc)

How long you've been making plushies: 3 years
Commission - S-M-Batty 1 by ShadowedPorcelain C:  Zerro by ShadowedPorcelain Moogle by ShadowedPorcelain
Information about price/general price range: Simple things (2D Plushes & Simple Food Plushes) - $25-$200 | Art Dolls & Jointed Dolls - $300+
Optional - Additional notes: I also offer custom hand dyed mohair (real animal fiber from angora goats) kits to make your own art dolls

How long you've been making plushies: Probably about six years, but I really started making them now for two years.
Kawaii Octopus by Yumio-chan Songbird Commision by Yumio-chan
Information about price/general price range:…
Optional - Additional notes: If you ak I will give you ruff estimate that isnone binding, if you like how it sounds I'll make it and post it on my storenvy for your purchase when its done.

How long you've been making plushies: about 2 years
2 or 3 examples of your work (preferably past commissions):
la by valeriarin inner senshi by valeriarin eeveelutions complete by valeriarin
Information about price/general price range: $20-50 depending on size

How long you've been making plushies: Since 2009
Heartless plushie by GalestormKitsune Hetalia Spain and America by GalestormKitsune Twilite Plushie by GalestormKitsune
Information about price/general price range: $30 up to $500 (for something really big/ depending on the materia)
Optional - Additional notes: I pretty much can make any character as long as you have a good reference. Everything is hand sewn and very sturdy. I also can make poseable fantasy dolls.

How long you've been making plushies: a few years but I just made a DA for these particular types of plushies I make early this year.
Hell Fire Kabras by WhisperFlames Camo Kabras by WhisperFlames Winter Chimera Kabras by WhisperFlames
Information about price/general price range: $60-70 depending on complexity
Optional - Additional notes: I can do any color, any theme! The only thing is that I live with cats and dogs so I wouldnt recommend that anyone with server pet allergies commission me just yet! I apologize!

How long you've been making plushies: About 3 Years
Handmade Kyouko Sakura Plush (Try Number 2) by Baosai Hatsune Miku Plushie by Baosai
Information about price/general price range: Small plushies are $30, large are $50
Additional notes: Actual commission info:

How long you've been making plushies: over 4 yrs but more proffesionally 2 yrs
Harakiri Tora Plush by AllKindsOfYES Hakuryuu Saiyuki by AllKindsOfYES Vaporeon Plush by AllKindsOfYES
Information about price/general price range: I make any size so can range from $5-$100+ (The above plushes were commissioned for $70,$100,$50)
Optional - Additional notes: I make anything and everything which can include ponies,clothed plushes,your choice of material,etc. I'm willing to work with budgets

How long you've been making plushies: About 2 yrs
WolfWyvern Beanie Commission by NyankoYuki Big Mac beanie (no flash) 3 by NyankoYuki Fox Beanie (side) by NyankoYuki
Information about price/general price range: Right now, only open for beanie commissions which depending on complexity and type of beanie it could be in the range of $30-$55+
Optional - Additional notes: Only open for beanie commissions at the moment. I make ponies (of course), wolf and fox beanies, but open to try other characters/creatures.

How long you've been making plushies: A little over a year :)
OOAK Rise of the Guardians Sandman Needle Felt by Sarsie Cactuar Cuttie by Sarsie
Information about price: Prices range depending on size and level of detail, but Small start at €8, Medium start at €25, and Large start at €50
Additional notes: I work through Needle Felting! I also make Keychains, Magnets, Pins/Brooches, and Bookmarks!


Store description: Amigurumi (knit & crochet plushies). Ponies, pokemon, and more! Custom orders welcome!
Link to store:
Shining Armor Amigurumi by s0nicfreak Drifloon and Shiny Drifloon by s0nicfreak Cyndaquil And Shiny Cyndaquil by s0nicfreak
Optional - Additional notes: Price range: $10 - $100

Store description: Personalized Meeseeks,Custom Pillows/Dakimakuras,Custom Earrings (Exapnding my product as I go)
Link to store:…
I'm Mr. Meeseeks by AllKindsOfYES Mr. Meeseeks Posable by AllKindsOfYES
Optional - Additional notes:  My store is a little small but slowly growing as I find actual plushies and pillows to produce

Plushie-Makers and its admin take no responsibility for the sales conducted between members. We simply provide a platform for members to advertise on and communicate through.
More Journal Entries

Plushie Makers' School for Begginers!

Plushie-Makers' School for Beginners is for anyone looking to learn about plush making or any other plush related crafts. The resources complied are free for everyone to use whether they're a group member or not.

:bulletgreen:Important links!:bulletgreen:

:bulletblue: To the school's main journal page! [under construction]

:bulletblue: Upcoming livestream classes/projects! [under construction]

:bulletblue: Tutorials folder!…

Our school was made possible by the combined efforts of our group's admin, members and our wonderful teachers! If you have something you want to contribute to our school, please contact our headmaster MissDeadEnd via note.

Our Plushie Professors:
:iconmissdeadend: :iconbunka-love: :iconviergacht: :iconbubble-rhapsody: :iconlrdkazul: :icontheaquallama: :iconmiss-lanane: :iconkenlybop: :iconsongahin: :iconkitsune-kitsune: :iconprismtwine:



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tiny-sheep Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  New member Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I just started using my deviantart, but when I finish my second plushie and post it I'll join this group! :3
tamashigirl Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  New member
Hello, I am looking for someone who can make a 15" Loki Avengers plushie as detailed as possible.
Price is not a problem, but I need it before September 20th this year.
Please, get back to me if you can make it.
tamashigirl Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  New member
Thanks everyone for your messages. I have finally found someone taking the job.
liliana2 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I would like to request a edd plushie from his highschool days. Thats if its possible to make along with a price foe how much it would be.
HappyBearCraft Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hello everyone!

I'm on school holidays for the next week and I'm looking for some work.

So I'm offering 3 commission slots.
I can make a range of plushies, I can make deers, wolfs, puppies, bunnies and I might do MLP if asked.

You can find examples of my work and commission prices here :)…
smith5000123 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014
I would like to request a plushie, but before following through, I would like to know how much it would cost. If you are willing to give me a quote, and potentially make my plushie, then please PM me, or reply.
Slipsntime Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Professional General Artist
What kind of plushie are you looking for?  MLP, OC or other?
What size are you looking for?
What character do you have in mind?

I offer different styles, different prices that reflect the style and also will let you set up a monthly payment option if you can't afford it all at once. 

Let me know and I'll see what I can do for you?
riku256 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Student Artist
I would like to make a request for a plushie for my girlfriend and I want to let whoever would take this request know the specifics and agree on a price, please message me/reply back
AskMaxGoof Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  New member
Can you make me a max goof plushie i will pay $20
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